Contingency-Based Telecommunications Consulting Services Deliver 18% to 28% Savings |

Whatever type of business you are in, however many employees you have, chances are you can benefit from a full scale telecommunications audit. A telecommunications audit will analyze your current phone, cell phone, Internet services, VOIP and call center expenses for the purpose of reducing overall costs, optimizing service and maximizing your return on investment.A telecommunications consulting service will provide the following services:Phone Bill AuditingThrough thorough analysis of your current and past phone bills, a service will be able to optimize your current phone services, reduce the cost of your current phone plan, obtain refunds and credits for overcharges and make recommendations for further optimizing and reducing the cost of all your phone services, including local and long distance charges.Internet Service AuditingA thorough analysis of your current Internet service will allow you to optimize agreements with your current Internet service provider, identify and disconnect dead or unused cables or circuits, consolidate circuits, optimize your bill by negotiating discounts and longer term or higher/faster plan agreements, optimize services by using better or more value priced services (Wifi, frame relay, VPN, cable, DSL, fiber optic), insure that all appropriate discounts and rates are applied, purchase instead of rent equipment, if advantageous, and even switch service providers should there be a better value discovered.VOIPVOIP, or voice over internet protocol, provides many advantages to customers. Use of VOIP can help to reduce or even eliminate phone bill costs and further optimizes the use and value of your Internet services. VOIP can be used for any or all of your local and long distance needs and this can, in itself, eliminate certain long distance charges. Your telecommunications consulting service may recommend the implementation and usage of VOIP to save on your local and long distance phone services.Call Center ConsultingMany companies have a call center, whether consisting of just a few people or large rooms of sales representatives, call centers can also be optimized for maximum savings and value. A call center uses phone services extensively, as well as Internet service, VOIP may also be in use. A good telecommunications consultant will analyze your call center telecommunications bills and check for overcharges and extra fees. They will also make recommendations for optimization of your call center services.No matter the type of business you have, a telecommunications consulting service will be of great value to your company. Add in the fact that most services work on a contingency basis, where you don’t pay unless and until you receive value from their service, there is no reason not to hire one today.

The Growth of Telecommunications |

The telecommunications industry has made many things possible for people. From personal to business users, everyone is only happy to accept this technology which has made many unimaginable things actually happen today. Telecommunications equipment have undoubtedly allowed many to enjoy great conveniences. Business associates from opposite sides of the globe now need not travel far for a meeting as this is now possible through the modern telecommunications infrastructure. On top of it all, costs have been greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.One of the most popular telecommunication technologies presently practiced is the Voice-OVer Internet Protocol or VOIP which allows people to make free calls to each other with a specific software installed in each of their computers. The only other requirement is for them to be in each other’s contacts list before the communication can take place.This technology is now widely used by people for various purposes, from reconnecting with old friends and relatives back home for those who have lived as expatriates in another country to closing multimillion dollar deals between international companies. Online classes or lessons on various subjects from English to Mathematics have also been possible with this technology.Another type of telecommunications equipment are mobile phones which are now way advanced than any other cellphone invented before this day. Now, you can see people talking on their phones without even having to hold anything to their ears. Hands free phones make this possible. Mobile phones today aren’t even only for making phone calls but can also now be used with a variety of other useful functions such as Internet browsing, chat messaging, video phoning and others.Indeed, telecommunications has come a long way from its earliest beginnings of smoke signals and drums in Africa, the Americas and parts of Asia. Now, it has become a widely accessible, easy-to-use and useful technology in practically every corner of the world where it is possible. One even need not have special knowledge or skill in technology. An Internet connection, software which can be easily downloaded, and a basic ability to handle computer tasks are all it requires.